The following testimonies are unedited. They are simply copied and pasted to this page. To God be all the glory forever.


 I was in an abusive relationship. At the time I had 2 kids. 1 that was age 3 from a different man. One age 1 from my abuser. I couldn't get out and my father had just passed. I had dropped my son off to his dads was going to stop at the store....then go home and hang myself. I had everything all planned out. Coming out of the store this lady started talking to me. I ignored her till she started saying what I was going through. I was shocked. Asked how she knew all this and she said the Lord spoke to her. We had a long talk. Long story short Im still here and Christ is my saviour!!! He got me out of there a week after this incident.


He save my life when I had several large pulmonary embolisms. He also saved my moms life when the doctors said there wasn’t any chance that she would survive. She was in severe septic shock.


Saved my life after a major hemmoragic stroke and coma. Restored my family. Made my disabilities bearable, reunited me with my kids, wakes me up every morning.


I have so many so I will sum them up best I can. The first was when I had to under go 7 major back surgeries a was ultimately left unable to walk and doctors telling me I never would. I learned to walk on my on. I became addicted to opiates during this time an after getting a horrible infection causing a 8month hosp stay I had pic lines which I would shoot up my meds in. This led to endocarditis which usually kills people or at minimum levels them in bad shape from strokes I had none of this. After over dosing on what I thought was dilulid it was fentanyl and my family being told there was no hope, my prayed by my bedside for two days and I woke up with no lasting problems. My youngest son almost drowned. He was pretty far out in the lake when he suddenly was unable to swim God gave me the ability to get to him but we were both drowning. I went under holing him up and praying for God to let someone save him because I had lived a good life. It was jet black under that water an suddenly the brightest lite shined and up I came my dad was there we were both saved that day. I don’t what God has in store for me for sure but it must be big as well as for my son.


 I placed my first daughter for adoption 14 years ago to a family I did not previously know. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do but I knew it was the best for my daughter and God was leading me down that path. It was agreed to be an open adoption (1-2 visits a year and letters and pictures) God Merged our families. We have all become one big family together. My daughter calls me bami (for birth mommy) and her (adoptive) parents are now my 3 year olds God parents .. not to mention God keeps showing up in our situation ... my husband and I purchased a home not knowing that the property my oldest daughters parents purchased was walking distance through the woods. We now are literally almost neighbors. We go on trips together my daughter stays the night at my house it’s just amazing.


He saved me from myself. He also saved my little girl from stage four cancer



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